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Safety Checklist

1- Give your passwords to various devices to a trusted person
2- Investigate Government alerts on the government sites
3- We offer a Jesse Safety Kit to talk
4- Have your wifi and or gps devices updated and compatible to where you are going !
5- Get a GPS
6- Rent or buy a satellite phone if you are going into a blackout area with no wifi signals at all

We strongly advise you in completing this Safety Kit of obtaining a GPS unit !
We are working on partnering up with a GPS company in the near future so we may offer a unit of our own in our products !

Safe travels ?

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Emergency Checklist

1- Personal Information
2- present location
3- type of issue and or crisis
4- date
5- Explanations it needs
6- Police report
7- contacts of witnesses
8- steps taken
9- government authorities details of crisis
10- Contact your local Embassy
11- Get Hospital Information!
12- Talk to your state representative or local MP!

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Preparation Checklist

1- Check government advisories
2- Always do the buddy system
3- Check your gear with a detailed list
4- Make sure all medical issues here and abroad are covered and addressed
5- Give your passwords to your trusted contacts
6- Make sure your phone is up to date with any wi if tracking and or gps !
7- Get a GPS unit
8- Get a Satelite phone if need be
9- Copy all prescriptions in a separate location
10- Copy of Passport kept in a separate location
11- Get the Jesse Safety Kit
12- Get a first aid kit
13- Acquire legal aid
14- Jesse Protected Site can only advise and is in no way a substitute for professional units on various levels

We are not therefore accountable but are a free service to lend a helping hand and console!

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Government of Canada’s official source of destination-specific travel information:
Travel Advice and Advisories:

Managed by the U.S. Department of State:
Travel Advisories

Government of Canada’s official source of destination-specific travel information:
Travel Advice and Advisories:

Government of Canada:
Travel health and safety

Centres for Disease Control and Prevention

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For information, support, or questions, send us an email below.

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