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My name is Todd Galganov

I have two kids

Jesse and Sammi


On September 28 -2017 my son after getting a full scholarship in a medical school in Philadelphia, Thomas Jefferson after receiving 4.0 out of 4.0 from his previous school decided to defer for eight months and go on a world hiking / trekking trip!


Jesse was also a football captain and he was loved by many many people and he had a huge network of friends!


He was very active in the Movember Movement fundraiser for treatment against rectum Cancer in men!


After I advised him to not go on his own he decided to go to South America, India and Asia on his adventure!


Upon his first stop he went to Lima , Peru!

From there he went by bus to Hauraz, Peru high up in the Andes!

After a day he decided to start and went to a mountain called Santa Cruz

This mountain is a black mountain meaning no snow

A hiking trail!

Nowhere to fall or to go off trail!


He was seen about 3-4 hours from the summit on October 1-2017 by at least 50 people!


The next day never to be seen again!


We launched a search team first from Mexico and after a month to no avail hired a team from Israel, the Magnus Group!

They are still looking today!


I found out on October 15-2017

I received a phone call from my daughter that Jesse has been missing for 19 days!

I tried to reach him before but I thought he was having a ball and would contact me soon!


I immediately went to Peru the next day and a two weeks trip I thought turned into a 9-1/2 month search by myself

I did this alone as the team did theirs!

I put up thousands of posters and as of six weeks ago raised it to $500,000 USD

I have put it in the mountains, jungles, valleys, cities, villages and beaches.


So far no real leads!


There is human trafficking there!


Illegal mines!

Gun smuggling

Cocaine Farms

Marijuana plantations


God knows what else!


There are people missing daily


I have reports on a weekly basis and I constantly post this!


I’ve met with the American and Canadian Embassies as I’m a dual citizen

I met Prime Minister Trudeau at the Summit of the America’s!

Met with Congress men!


Army officials

Police generals

Ministry of the interior

Had a man go up the mountain with a hand held GPS unit to aid in viewing satellites intel!

Four cities were arranged with Peru but no success!


Peru is the largest provided of Cocaine and the cartel is all encompassing!


I met plenty incredible friends who I consider family now!


We need media attention


To tell the world that to see this place is so extremely dangerous!


Here s a recent post!


We have established this site

God willing it will help


God bless us and Jesse we will have that miracle for peace and closure



It is a very impoverished Country!


People have no money


Jesse should be found!


I did the trek!


I still believe he will be found or one day god willing I’ll see him here or the next life


I’m preparing a prevention and awareness and support campaign


To help other families in crisis or other tragedies and give to charities in my son s name


He will not be forgotten!

UPDATE: Reward raised to $500,000 USD 

Facebook Link: Click Here

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For information, support, or questions, send us an email below.

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