special thanks

1- Copper Branch – Brunswick,Pointe Claire,Quebec
2- La Diperie , Dollard, Quebec
3- Moes – St Johns , Pointe Claire, Quebec
4- Monster Gym , Dollard , Quebec
5- Delish Restaurant, Dollard , Quebec
6- Rogers Cellular , Quebec
7- Ricks Snow removal , Dollard, Quebec!
8- Backyard Boys , grass maintenance, Dollard,Quebec!
9- Beth Tikvak – Rabbi s Fishman and Zeitz and the minion and the congregation ,Synagogue, Dollard, Quebec
10- Sholom Laboker, Synagogue, Montreal, Quebec!
11- Westmount Chabad, Westmount, Quebec
12-Rabbi Uri Blumenthal- Lima Chabad, Lima , Peru.
13-Robert Wise , Psychologist, Montreal,Quebec!
14- Isaac Abenhaim, Toronto, Ontario
15- David Kleiman, Toronto, Ontario
16-Maurice Elofer, Toronto, Ontario
17- Paul Klein , Miami , Florida
18- Andre Maman, Boca Raton, Florida
19- Katia Reisler , Miami , Florida
20-John Gurman , Westmount, Quebec
21-Danny Kessous, Sarasota , Florida
22- Daniel Benchitrit, Westmount, Quebec
23- Nicky Gindle, Ottawa, Ontario
24- George GAWYRCH, Kirkland, Quebec
25- Gaby Timsit, Orange County , California
26- Kim Smiley , Empathy Effect, Ontario, Quebec
27- Guiemmero Royas , Hauraz, Peru
28- Mario and Loti and Waquime , Hotel Andino, Hauraz, Ancash, Peru
29- Argripeeno International Mountain Guide , Hauraz, Peru Casa Des Gias
30- Pamela Rosenblum ,Dollard ,Quebec
31- Liz MacRae , Beaconsfield,Quebec
32- Suzie Schaffer, Dollard, Quebec
33- Snowdon Deli, Montreal , Quebec
34- Randi Wells
35- Shari Libman
36- Jodi Hymans Murillo
37- Laura Kovshoff
38- Howard and Anne GALGANOV
39- Mason and Yvonne GALGANOV
40- Robert Yodowitz
41-Sheri ,Phylis and Sheila! Cousins
42- Pamela Hantman
43 – Atelier Affichage
44- Schwartzs Deli, Montreal, Quebec
45- Maurice’s sister, Brooklyn, New York
46- Rex – Hauraz Telegraph, Hauraz, Peru (Holland)
47- David Nostra , Lima , Peru
48- Synagogues local and long distance for their prayers , Churches!
49- Tanya and Chris Galespi
50- Maria Pupella
51- Karmin Industries
52- Avanti Spa
53- Wolfy’s Deli, Toronto, Ontario
54- Chabods around the world with the candle lighting with prayers and support!
55- Sass Perez
56- Tony Machlovitch
57- Jarred Shaman
58- Harley Monte
59- Patricia Bergman
60- Prime Minister Trudeau
61- Lima , Peru American Embassy
62- Lima , Peru Canadian Embassy
63- Jonathan Levy (incredible) UHY Victor !
64- Spiegle and Sohmer
65- Claude Benabou
66- Paul Klein
67- Shalom Laboker
68- Sam Arif- La Diperie
69- Rio Infantino- Copper Branch
70- Mammad Aledi- Double Pizza
71- Bank of Montreal , Dollard Des ormeaux
72- Avanti
73- Ron Yaz
74- Second Cup ,Queen Mary Road
75- Dentiste Joseph Mouyal
76- Les 3 Brasseurs Dollard Des ormeaux Sam and the staff!
77- Elyssa Monk
78- Albert and Jean Jacques Myarra 
79- Robert Wise

*All the family and friends local and around the world for their constant support and prayers too long to list but you know who you are .
All the people I see on a daily basis giving me support thank you ?

Please note I’ll be adding more as it’s been a two year search !
As I was away immersed in finding my son there were events

I want to say thank you to all those companies and individuals that gave donations to enable the teams to search for Jesse !

Extra Special Note

To my girlfriend, Toni, for without her devotion and support I could have never stayed away so long in Peru searching for Jesse!

It’s with her efforts to make this site as good as possible with me that we have launched this site!

Love you