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Mission statement:

Our mission is to provide support in everyday possible to families and individuals who have a crisis of a loss family member To provide information before you leave During your stay When you have a crisis emergency
Our support will be with financial aid , checklist , how to manage your teams and police , advertise and whatever else we may do No family will go alone again such as ours My son is supposed to be a Neural Surgeon and we hope that this Foundation can do more help in his name and our families than he could have ever done as a doctor .

To suggest and provide ongoing inside and support till god willing your crisis is over and peace and closure is achieved !
What occurred !
I’m Todd Galganov,
The father of Jesse Galganov which this site is named after My son left for a eight month trip around the world end of September 2017, after getting accepted to a medical school with a full scholarship to study to become a neural surgeon! He left at twenty two and is now twenty four !
Four days into his trip he went up a mountain , Santa Cruz Trail in Ancash Región!
On October 1-2017 after being seen by 50-60 people as he was ascending to the summit !
The next day not to be found
Vanished without a trace !
I went and searched for him for almost 10 months alone and searched and put up posters and met with search teams and others !
We have a team that is still searching that has received over two million dollars but still nothing if his whereabouts!
This site will be to give support, awareness & prevention in the hopes in some of our efforts will help to make sure other families do not have this same crisis !
There is a Safety Kit also available
I’m my sons name. His legacy
In my name
In my families
I pray this goes global !
God willing ?
I will as well go near and far on Awareness events to talk and promote the issues !

Thank you
Have a nice day ,
Todd Galganov

1 800 641 9938

514 501 7299 Montreal cell
416 505 6134 Toronto cell
613 301-3933   Ottawa
647-641-7476{SIGN). GTA

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