October 1-3:30 pm is International Missing Persons Jesse Galganov Day .
At 3:30 pm let’s take one minute of silence and pray for our missing loved ones around the world . God willing Peace and Closure. ❤


Our mission is to provide awareness, prevention and support for anyone whom travels locally and or abroad with checklists and devices and other services within this site . Our support will have crests and stickers to put on your garments or equipment to alert anyone who are protected. Whereby your family having your passwords or simply a GPS or smartphone location device activated we will constantly improve ourselves to make others safer in my sons honour . Jesse wanted to be a doctor and extend peoples lifespans so it’s my legacy to try and pursued that for him . Together we shall make a difference. It’s our pursuit to make this a world wide effort in all areas and languages,

Todd Galganov

A personal message from jesse's father

TODD Galganov

The Search for jesse

My son Jesse Clint Galganov was last seen on October 1st, 2017 on a Andean mountain called Santa Cruz in the Ancash region of Peru. Four days into a eight month trip he vanished and to this day no one has seen him at all.

My name is Todd Galganov the father of two kids, Jesse and his sister Sammi. Jesse left Montreal, Quebec , Canada to go on a trip of his life after graduating from Wesleyan University in Middletown , Connecticut in the USA. He attained a score of 4.0 out of 4.0 and after carefully choosing he was happy as well to be invited to come to the medical school Thomas Jefferson in Philadelphia, USA. He decided to defer and planned a simple trip for a eight month period.

He started in Lima, Peru then up to Haurez in the Andean mountains and finally to Carez and then up the mountain. The mountain is called Santa Cruz. Though its 4850 meters high, it’s a relatively safe trail and I myself did it while I was there for ten months . Fifty to sixty people saw him about three to four hours from the summit of Punta Union. On October 1st-2017 at 3:30 pm.

That was the last time my son was seen. To this date we are still searching and Praying. God willing Peace and Closure! Together we hope and pray to make a difference. A safety kit with iron-on badges, stickers, and other products will convey to would be assailants that you are being watched and by these means protected. For example: Kids going to Kindergarten. Going to their prom. Going fishing down south. Going golfing. Hiking or walking around the neighborhood. One day I pray we find him and we all have a huge party and along the way keep as many peoples sons and daughters safe. Thank You










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